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Jetstream mini boat ralley 2019

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  • Jetstream mini boat ralley 2019

    Hi everyone were looking to host a group ride this summer and will update info as we go!

    All makes and models welcome of course not limited to 'jetstream brand', location to be determined but somewhere around Vancouver BC Canada.
    So far potential date we are looking at is july, 27th .

    theres quit a few mini around now so hopefully we get a good turn out and maybe some motivation to finish that build!

    if the group is big enough we'll most likely operate in the buddy system as there's sure to be some 'stucks' along the way.

    maybe organize a riverside BBQ?
    If you do not know how to respect the environment we all enjoy dont bother coming, pack out what you pack in!!

    please post any ideas or suggestion for the ride, or possible rivers you'd like to see, hope to see everyone out!