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    Technical Features
    The double station induction welding system is an automatic production line which combines induction heaters, an industrial chiller, and the assistant fixture together. It is a multi-function brazing welding system. This brazing system can highly improve the heating production efficiency, reduce the production cost, improve the finished product yield and It can reduce the reliance on advanced skilled welders, and thus maximize the benefits.
    鈼?It is suitable for mass production of brazing parts.
    鈼?It is a fast brazing welding speed.
    鈼?Each time can braze multi products, the brazed parts appearance is perfect.
    鈼?The operation is very simple, has lower requests for the operator.
    鈼?Uniform brazing quality and reduce the brazing cost, to realize the biggest benefits.
    鈼?Support customize induction welding systems for different parts and requests.
    Technical parameters
    Input voltage3*380V+1*Zero LineChip speed72MHz
    Frequency50HZHeating current setting5 sections(can reach 32 sections)
    Rated current
    Heating time setting precision0.1s
    Rated apparent power(15-60)KVAProcess parameters are set to encrypt or notPassword lock
    Max. apparent power(18-72)KVAdisplayer3.5-inch true color display, resolution 320*240
    Recommended air switch current level(32-120)AWorking current display modeWorking current curve display
    Rated output power(12-60)KWAlarm interfaceOver current, over-voltage, lack water, lack phase, overheat alarm.
    Max. Output power(18-70)KWcommunication interfaceDB-9 and 4-core aviation plug
    Output power adjustment range8~100%Bus-bar accessRS485(suggest), Profibus(optional),CANbus(optional)
    Output frequency10~55Khz adjustableMemory card typeSd card(Store more than 360 days of processing data and alarm data)
    Control modeAll digital embedded control softwaredata analysis softwareIt is installed and operated under Windows and has the functions of processing data analysis, processing data comparison, searching specific processing workpiece parameters and alarm parameters, etc
    main control chipARM STM32Minimum cooling water flow10L/min
    Max. Cooling water temperature40鈩?/p>Environment temperature+5鈩儈+50鈩?/p>
    Cooling water pressure Min/Max4/6bar(depends on different coils)Cooling water quality-PH value7.0-9.0
    This automatic induction welding system is a custom brazing welding line for different metal parts brazing welding, if you have any other requests,please contact us for customizing the appropriate technical solution.
    Machine pictures display
    Induction welding system applications
    Our automatic induction welding system is mainly used for the aluminum tubes, copper tubes, pipe joint, air conditioner, valves, home appliance metal parts brazing welding jobs, we can custom all kinds of different welding systems as request. This is suitable for mass production.Induction Brazing Systems