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    Product Details
    Dispensing SMT red glue epibond adhesives 30ml tube
    Description of dispensing epibond adhesives
    BBIEN’s dispensing SMT red glueis a kind of single resin adhesive .Good stable curing shapes without stringing, overflowing and slumping are achieved even at a super high speed and long time printing. Because of the “rarely cutting” bonding strength and very low humidity absorption, it is specially fit for SMT technology of porous printing in common temperature. Its shape can easily be controlled .We can not only expect a long-term preservation stability but also the excellent thermal resistance and electrical properties. Moreover it is good for environment protection for its safety, no solvent and no smelling.
    Feature of BBIEN dispensing 30ml red glue adhesive
    - For Dispensing Applications,Fast Curing and Non-Stringing Formula
    - Good for High Speed Placement Equipment- High Shear Strength
    - Available in Industry Standard Sizes; Non-REACH Compliant
    · Dispense, print and pin transfer application.
    · High-visibility red or yellow options.
    · Room temperature stability, 6-month room temperature shelf life.
    · Non slumping and non stringing.
    · Screen printable with BBIEN CUT laser stencils to SMD adhesive guidelines.
    BBIEN dispensing SMT surface mount adhesives offer excellent performance for all print and dispensing
    · Non-slumping and non-stringing.
    · Room temperature stability.
    · Dispense, print and pin transfer application.
    · Consistent dot profile and fact curing.
    · High-visibility red or yellow options.
    BBIEN dispensing Epibond Surface Mount Adhesives Typical Cure Profile
    A correct thermal profile is critical to ensure that the adhesive achieves maximum mechanical strength and a homogeneous cure:
    · Ensure the material is heated to the correct temperature for the specific time.
    · maximum thermal ramp rate is 1.5 to 2.0°C/second to ensure a homogeneous cure.
    Printed Adhesive

    · Sales/support in every major electronics geographic market
    · Local and consistent technical support regionally and globally
    · Consistent product performance globally
    Part of physical feature and specification
    ProductsAppearanceviscosityDensityShear StrengthCure TemperatureCure Speed°Cs
    Red GlueRed280,000mPa·S
    l Treating condition:85℃×85%RH×DC50V×1000hrs.
    l JIS Z3197 Measured at comb electrode model II (G10)
    Chemical TypeEpoxy
    Appearance (uncured)Red viscous gel
    ComponentsOne component - requires no mixing
    CureHeat Cure
    ApplicationSurface Mount Adhesive
    Key SubstratesElectronic components to printed circuit boards.
    Other Application AreasSmall Parts Bonding
    Dispense MethodDispensing processing
    Wet StrengthHigh
    Dot ProfilePeaked
    ItemSMT Red Glue adhesive
    CompositionEpoxy resin adhesive
    AppearanceTacky Paste/red-colored
    Specific gravity1.31
    Viscosity at 25℃,5rpm280,000mPa·S(280,000cps)
    Thixotropy index6.8(1rpm/10rpm)
    Adhesive Strength 2125C
    Mini-mold tr
    SOP·IC 16P 44N(4.5kgf)0.2mgr twin
    45N(4.6kgf)0.3mgr twin
    92N(9.4kgf)0.8mgf single×2
    Electric Property
    Volume resistance
    Insulation resistance
    Initial value
    After treating*
    Dielectric constant
    Dielectric loss tangent3.6×1016Ω·cm JIS K6911
    1.2×1014Ω JIS Z3197
    3.12/1MHZ JIS K6911
    0.012/1MHZ JIS K6911
    Preservation condition3℃~10℃的
    To be strictly kept at 3℃ ~10℃ in refrigerator
    Main contentMain Epoxy resin and some(adhesive agent,wetting agent and surfactant…
    Package style for dispensing BBIEN SMT red glue adhesive
    Package stylesContentsPack. UnitExport outer packing
    syringe packing30mlPcs.100pcs per carton
    1)Much lower temperature curing is aimed at amd is practically possible.
    2)Very good stable curing shapes without stringing and slumping are achieved at super high speed dispensing and very amall dots.
    3)stable adhesive strength can be obtained with a variety of SMD.
    4)Long-term preservation stability is expected.
    5)High heat-resistivity and excellent electric properties are possessed.
    6)Usable for screen printing.
    Direction for use
    1. After storage in a refrigerator the adhesive must be allowed to equilibrate to room temperature before use, typically 12 hours.
    2. Avoid cross contamination with other epoxy or acrylic adhesives by ensuring dispense nozzels, adapters etc. are thoroughly cleaned.
    3. The quantity of adhesive dispensed will depend on the dispense pressure, time, nozzle size and temperature.
    4. These parameters will vary depending on the type of dispensing system use and should be optimized accordingly.
    5. Bath temperature should ideally be controlled at a value between 25°C-30°C, 50%RH for optimum results. Under these conditions product will remain dispensable in the tray for at least 2 to 3 days.
    6. Uncured adhesive can be cleaned from the board with isopropanol, MEK or glycol ether blends such as Prozon.
    The following graph shows the rate of torque strength developed with time at different temperatures. These times are defined from the moment the adhesive reaches cure temperature. In practice, total oven time may be longer to allow
    for heat up period
    ○Products shelf life: 6Months.
    ○Store adhesive in a refrigerator keeping the temperature at 5±3℃
    ○This product may cause skin irritation to sensitive personnel.
    ○In case Seal-glo DTK-L978 gets in touch with skin,wash it thoroughly with soap and water.
    ○In case of eye contact,wash out with clean water and consult a medical doctor immediately.
    Once cured,BBIEN dispensing epibond adhesives can be removed from a printed circuit board by heating the board to approximately 80°C (176°F to 185oF). When the temperature of the surface mount component reaches 80°C (176°F), the adhesive will be soft enough to permit component removal using a "lift and twist" method.
    Uncured adhesives can be easily removed from printed circuit boards, screens or stencils using,isopropyl alcohol, acetone, NMP and a wide variety of other solvents and cleaning fluids. BBIEN Advanced Materials is constantly working with manufacturers of solvents and cleaning fluids to test and identify new materials that meet the needs of our customers. For an updated list of suggested cleaning materials
    Application :component epoxy resin adhesives
    Epoxy 1-component adhesives are heat curing and primarily used when high shear strength or high crash-resistance is required, as well as ease of working.
    Note:Curing conditionnt
    Recommended curing condition:Over 60 sec after PCB’s surface temperature has reached 150℃.or over 90 sec after PCB’s surface temperature has reached 120℃.
    When the higher curing temperature and the longer curing time,the stronger adhesive strength can obtained.We would suggest you to search out an optimum curing condition,for the temperature exerterd on the adhesive may occasionally vary according to the size,material,etc.of component parts mounted on PCBs.
    Curing condition
    ○Recommended curing condition: Over 60 sec after PCB’s surface temperature has reached 150℃.or over 90 sec after PCB’s surface temperature has reached 120℃.
    ○When the higher curing temperature and the longer curing time, the stronger adhesive strength can obtained. We would suggest you to search out an optimum curing condition, for the temperature is different on the adhesive may occasionally vary according to the size,material,etc.of component parts mounted on PCBs.
    How to use Red glue adhesive
    ○Adhesive should be preserved in refrigerator (below 5±3℃) to keep on its quality.
    ○Before processing, the adhesive should be taken out from the refrigerator for de-freezing about a few hours until it reaching the room temperature.
    ○The bottom of printing screen should be cleaned timely for good printing shape.
    ○Toluene or ethyl acetate is possible to use for cleaning up this adhesive.
    Health & Safety:
    This product, during handling or use, may be hazardous to health or the environment. Read the Material safety Data Sheet and warning label before using this product.
    Consult the MSDS for all safety information. The most recent version of the SDS is available from BBIEN.Inhalation of the flux solvent and volatilized activator fumes, which are generated at soldering temperatures, may cause headaches, dizziness and nausea. Suitable fume extraction equipment should be used to remove the flux from the work area. An exhaust at the exit end of the wave solder machine may also be needed to completely capture the fumes. Observe precautions during handling and use.
    Suitable protective clothing should be worn to prevent the material from coming in contact with skin and eyes.
    Exported countries:
    Our SMT red glue adhesive have been exported to Iran,Korea, Turkey,America,Morocco,... We are appreciated your kindly inquiry or cooperate with you,if you are interested in our products.
    Products Photos
    BBIEN Technology is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of dispensing smt red glue epibond adhesives 30ml tube. We have professional workers who have consummate skills producing high quality products in our factory. Welcome to buy our discount and low price dispensing smt red glue epibond adhesives 30ml tube made in China. Pricelist and quotation consultation are available if you need.SMT red glue manufacturers