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  • USCG Certification

    How hard is it to get a hull tag and meet the licensing requirements in the US? Can I get an inspection locally? Are or can they be under length and dont need license?

    I'm not opposed to lights or fire extinguishers. Wouldn't mind a cigar lighter either.

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    the boats still need to be constructed according to local and federal regulation, but will be registered as a home boat boat which does not require an inspection . i am in canada but i believe registration is done through the DMV in USA. in Canada its transport canada. no HIN needed

    (1) No person shall operate on the waters of this state a vessel the construction of which began after October 31, 1972, for which the department has issued a certificate of title or which is required by law to be registered, unless the vessel displays the assigned hull identification number affixed by the manufacturer as required by the United States Coast Guard or by the department for a homemade vessel or other vessel for which a hull identification number is not required by the United States Coast Guard