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    Adult disposable masks are composed of surface layer, middle layer, bottom layer, mask belt and nose clip. The surface material is sanitary polypropylene anti-stick cloth. The middle layer material is a high-efficiency filter flannel made of polypropylene spinning method, the bottom material is a sanitary polypropylene anti-adhesive cloth, the mask belt is knitted with polyester thread and a small amount of spandex thread, and the nose clip is a bendable and shapeable poly Made of propylene. Cover the user鈥檚 mouth, nose, and jaw during wearing to provide a physical barrier to prevent the direct penetration of pathogenic microorganisms, body fluids, and particulate matter.
    Product details:
    Disposable Adult Mask folding structure design, increase the face protection area. Fit face, not easy to loose, low resistance breathing, comfortable and breathable, imitate honeycomb vent design, make breathing more fluent.
    Invisible plastic soft nose clip, can shape the nose clip, at will adjust more fit, suitable for all kinds of face. Two side isolation layer, effectively cut off the air on both sides. Low resistance breathing, comfortable ventilation.
    Flannelette fire test, using selected thick flannelette, fire without dust.
    Memory nose clip steel bar, plastic nose clip, adjustable fit, plastic nose bridge bar.
    Wearing Instructions
    1. With the white side toward you, hang the ear straps on your ears.
    2. Adjust the bridge of the nose and pull open the folded part.
    3. Smooth the two sides of the mask so that it fits the face.
    Matters Needing Attention
    1. Use with caution for those who are allergic to nonwovens and those with abnormal cardiopulmonary function.
    2. Do not touch the outer layer of the mask after use, take the ear strap and discard it.
    3. Open the seal and use it immediately to prevent pollution, so as not to affect the protective effect.
    It cannot be used after cleaning, please make sure to use it within the validity period.Civilian Mask suppliers