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    Rice bran extract introduction
    Ferulic acid is a kind of aromatic acid commonly found in the plant .It is a component of corkwood. It rarely exists in the free state in plants, and mainly forms a binding state with oligosaccharides, polyamines, lipids and polysaccharides.
    It has the effects of inhibiting platelet aggregation, expectoration, and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Clinically ferulic acid is mainly used for the adjuvant treatment of arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular, glomerular disease, pulmonary hypertension, diabetic vascular disease, vasculitis and other vascular diseases, and leukocyte and thrombocytopenia.
    In addition to its wide application in the medical field, ferulic acid is mainly used in the preparation of natural vanillin, antioxidants, preservatives, cross-linking agents, and function promoters in the food industry. Some countries have approved it as a food additive. Japan has allowed the use of antioxidants in food, while the United States and some European countries allow the use of some herbs, coffee, vanilla beans, etc. with higher ferulic acid content as antioxidants
    Product Details

    Active Ingredient:Ferulic acid
    Botanical Source:Oryza sativa L
    Appearance:White fine powder
    Specification: 98%
    Molecular formula

    Item Specification
    Assay (by HPLC) Ferulic acid 鈮?8%
    Appearance White or off-white powder
    Odor Characteristic
    Taste Characteristic
    Melt point 170.0~174.0 degree
    Loss on Drying 鈮?%
    Ash 鈮?%
    Heavy Metals 鈮?0ppm
    Total plate Count<1000cfu/gm
    Yeast & Mould<100cfu/gm
    HPLC chromatogram

    Flow chart

    In addition to being widely used in medicine, ferulic acid has been approved as a food additive in some countries. Japan has allowed it to be used as an antioxidant in food, and the US and European countries have allowed some herbs, coffee, vanilla beans, etc. with higher ferulic acid as antioxidants.
    The method of detecting ferulic acid is natural or synthetic:
    The only way to test its naturalness. That is to detect the content of C14, generally natural ferulic acid is extracted from grains, and the carbon source is in the atmosphere, so the content of carbon 14 is consistent with the atmosphere, and the synthetic ferulic acid is part or all of the carbon from petrochemical sources. These Carbon does not participate in the atmospheric carbon cycle, carbon 14 continues to decay and consume, and its content is very low, which is inconsistent with the atmosphere. Because the synthesis is generally from petrochemical sources, carbon 14 content is very low. In the same way, some people have detected the proportion of hydrogen and deuterium. Or carbon and hydrogen are detected.
    It can be seen that the degree of naturalness has nothing to do with the purity of the product, mainly the index of carbon 14, or the index of hydrogen, the two are mutually corroborating, and they are basically the same. It is basically enough to measure one. Because the test sample and the atmosphere are a comparison value, the standard value of the atmosphere in each place is also not consistent. Generally, more than 95% can be regarded as natural, and more than 90% of the units are also acceptable.Buy Rice Bran Extract